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Marie-Therese Heublein is a London-based artist and designer. She works within and intersects the processes of oil painting, 3D animation and augmented reality.

Born in 1997 in Erlangen, Germany, Marie-Therese obtained her BA in Communication Design at Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München in 2021 while also being introduced to a multitude of art forms at the atelier of costume and stage designer Mihail Tchernaev from 2012 – 2021. She then moved to London to earn her MA in Fine Art Painting with Distinction at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell in 2022. During her studies she was awarded with the Research Prize by the College to highlight her intensive and informed writing on the themes that shape her artistic practice.

In her paintings she uses the canvas as a plane for experimentation and world building. Her multi-layered process combines physical sketches with digital image processing software, 3D renderings and the use of collage to create spaces in which the body oscillates between its physical presence and its new mutability, which is made possible by our constant connection to the expanded possibilities of the digital space.

Her work uses the recurring element of the fractured body that develops into a new shape and becomes part of an unexplored landscape. Graphic shapes indicate a vague sense of perspective and the use of white space opens up the plane to the viewer. In selected works the artist expands the viewing experience by adding a virtual environment to the painting which the viewer can access through an Augmented Reality extension.

Marie-Therese has participated in several group exhibitions across London, including a group show at the Copeland Gallery and a contribution to the Research Festival at Peckham Levels in 2022. She recently exhibited a triptique at the Mall Galleries in the group exhibition „Through the Looking Glass“, where she was awarded with the Audience Choice Award.

portrait of the artist Marie-Therese Heublein








2012 - 2021


graphic shape

In my practice I explore how our constant connection to digital technology affects our understanding of the contemporary human body and where we are defining its new limits.

Central to my work is an intricate interplay of body and shape. By morphing our digital and physical modes of existing the body becomes limitless and material of experimentation. In this dual state there are no natural boundaries and no natural dynamics, only the constant awareness of an in-between.

My paintings offer a look inside and beneath the surface as the body becomes a malleable mass. It is being reduced to a pure surface material, while its content is being set aside. I explore the simultaneity of shape and space, individuality and reduction, incompleteness and openness, while placing the body against a vast non-space. All compositional elements come from or lead back to the recorded body as they take on its colours or act as traces of its physical movement.
Influenced by the spiralling portrayal of pathos in the Baroque and the encounter of hyperrealistic and transformative virtual environments, I play with different levels of complexity and reduction to reflect on the different levels of being present in this multifaceted time. The viewer is being confronted with a fragmented but soft surface of a new and strangely misplaced bodily experience.

In my creative process I link digital and analogue techniques, digital 3D modelling that can be applied in AR and traditional oil painting on canvas. The fractured body, the flattened space, the gradient and the softness of shapes are recurring elements in my work that indicate dissolution and growth. A dissolving and rebuilding of our own identities takes place as we are becoming multiple and redefine our relationship towards the organic nature.

Artist Statement

Studio Visit
23.09.2023 Blanco Gallery

In the Studio
19.04.2023 Video by Othy Jasper


Through the Looking Glass (Audience Choice Award), Mall Galleries, London

4 IN 1, Cornerstone Studios, London

A colourful soup, The Social, London

Research Festival 1.0, Peckham Levels, London

Church/Factory, Copeland Gallery, London

Unveil, Swanfall Art, Shoreditch High Street, London

Summer Exhibition 2022, Spiral Galleries, London

Jahresausstellung, HM, Munich

Brick Walls and Glass Ceilings, Wilson Road, London

This Art Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London

Dialogues, Camberwell Space, London

exhibition view of several paintings

Recent Group Exhibitions

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